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Good morning Pritam sir and Vinay sir and all my fellow NLP friends ???? I am honoured with letter of appreciation for my services rendered to BALLARI District Adminstration & DC sir. Its was an great opportunity to serve and also work directly under DC sir with his guidance & also his team since May 7th 2020..this is the day I started my online "Dhruvasirii Digital Academy" also and 1st project was with District Adminstration..where I took whole n sole responsibility of entire social media pages , web channels, Admin for District Adminstration and DC sir page. It's was the tuffest and more responsible job ever done by me..in my career. Indeed I feel blessed whenever they appreciated the work I given to them. I am so thankful for this milestone achieved in my career. Thank you.????
Sirisha achieved her vision and got appreciation from Dist Administration
Good evening Pritam sir and Vinay sir i would like to tell u that recently i did paragliding and it was an amazing experience..i could not even think of doing that before but after Vinay sir adressed my flight phobia it became possible and that feeling of motion sickness i used to feel even with the thought of being in air was completely absent..i am soo grateful sir..thanku soo much??
Ruchika Goyal got rid of height Phobia
Career Growth and accomplishing Goals- Asmani Surve- HR consultant 
Our primary purpose of continuing this group is to stay connected and keep sharing our experiences and how NLP has helped us. 

I want to take this Guruwar (Thursday) to thank my both Gurus on this group. My life in the last 8 months has changed almost 180 degrees. 

I am a confident person and had always thought that nothing stops me, until when I attended NLP sessions and realised that I had a couple of limiting beliefs that had always hold me back from being more successful and more insecure about failures. My vision about my own profession was not clear and I was always in dilemma about my profession. 

Today I am a changed professional with more appetite to take risks and clear to my best vision. 

I want to share a incident from our NLP program. When I submitted my goals during our NLP session Vinayji had told me to aim well and focus on quality instead of quantity. I was aiming ___ clients paying me Rs.__ earning monthly __lacs. He said I need to rewrite my goal and aim less clients who will pay you more per mth for which I was unsure if I will be paid that amount , that was my limiting belief.  I was looking at my own skills & services to be worth only less. 

Today I am happy to inform you all that I have crossed the benchmark Vinayji had asked to set per client earning and have signed off 6 new clients in last 6 months.  Have hired a team of HR & Digital Marketing of my own and doing well to take care of client expectations and deliver the results.
Once again heartfelt gratitude and THANK YOU ???? – Vinayji & Pritamji for all the guidance and learning’s you have imbedded in me and help me to be a better professional.

Asmani Surve- HR consultant
I learn how should the goals be and how to achieve that goals faster in your life. I feel more confident and positive after NLP training. Thank you so much to both amazing Trainer to teach us valuable things it was wonderful experience.
Smita Daji- Canada
I feel nothing but empowered after these 8 days. Never had i thought that just 3 hours for 8 days can make me learn so much more than that it can change my life so much. A big thanks to Pritam sir and Vinay sir for being the great teachers that you are and making us learn such valuable things. 
Also it was great knowing everyone and I wish each one of you achieve their goals before time and better than what they had expected!

Kannan Laddha
These four days were like magic. There was a new energy and i m boomed with positivity. The coaches are really Kind they deal with each participant personally. All the techniques are Result oriented and will surely use them in my life for better outcome. I am confident enough to handle my problems in a positive way.


Dr. Vanita Singhi- Doctor
I learnt how to communicate with self and others. More self confident, and Inspire to do social work. How to heal relationships, found improvement in my stuttering problem. I liked the way trainers, Mr. Pritam Goswami and Mr. Vinay Sharma, interracted with the participants and helped to solve their problems.
Dinesh Mehta
I felt more Confident and satsified with what i am. I figured out a lot about myself with which i was struggling. I noticed styability in my behaviour, more control over emotions, temper & increase in my overall development. Now i feel that i have the will to know more & more and do more!
All my problems & challenges were taken care of personally and Cured.

Poorva Srivastava- Student
The techniques are amazing. Now i no more live in my Past. Feeling more positive and confident, and now em able to get up early in the morning.
Shweta Roy- IT Professional
I learnt to build rapport and while that my conversation runs smoothly. My Bad memory which acted as mental block is completely collapsed. Language Patterns acts like Magic. A truly amazing and different experience for me. Thanks to both the coaches.
Jagdish Singh Nagarkoti- Politician
Got to learn how to frame the Language Patterns and be more specific with creation of statements.
I'm more Specific, Panctual, Disciplined, Confident & relaxed with peaceful state of mind. 

Dr. Surabhi Singh- Professor
Such a Peaceful environment and Motivational Speakers.
Practical techniques therefore, feeling contended, More Confident than earlier. My Fear is Completely removed. More Disciplined and oriented towards positivity & my Goals. After meeting both the coaches, i m Blessed!

Dr. Smriti Sharma- Doctor